Savage Model 1919 .25ACP Pistol Grips


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This is an example of an extremely rare and one of a kind Savage Arms prototype pistol that is very similar to the early model 1916 pistol as manufactured by Savage. Developed after the 1916 Model to counter a lawsuit from Colt Firearms based on purported Patent infringements on the Colt grip safety design as used on their model 1905 25 ACP pistol. As you can see in this design, Savages intend was to completely eliminate the grip safety and also radically re-engineered the exterior of the pistol by making it completely flat so that it could be more efficiently manufactured in a mass-production mode. This example was never put into production by Savage strictly based on the fear that they would still be sued by Colt regardless, even though they felt there was a huge market for this type of small 25 ACP pistol. This design is also very similar to several of the European pocket pistol produced prior to WWI. The only markings on this pistol is "P-1" (Prototype 1) stamped on the underside of the frame in front of the trigger guard and "25ACP" stamped on the lower edge of the front grip strap.