High Standard H-D Military .22 No Safety Cutout


MODEL A: .22 LR, 4.5″ or 6.75″ barrel, blue with adjustable sights, hammerless. 7300 made from 1938 -1942.

MODEL HA: Modification of the A, including a visible hammer and lighter barrel. Approximately 1,000 made from 1940-1942.

MODEL D: Basically the same as a model A except for a heavier barrel. Approximately 2500 were made between 1938-1942.

MODEL HD: Same as the model D with a visible hammer and no side safety. Approximately 7,000 were made from 1940-1949.

MODEL HD-USA: Same as the HD, except it has a thumb safety, heavy barrel, Parkerized finish and marked “Property of USA.” Approximately 44,000 made between 1943-1946.

MODEL HD MILITARY: Same as HD with thumb safety. Approximately 150,000 were made from 1946-1955.

MODEL E: Same as model A showing much more hand finishing, heavy barrel and thumb rest grips. Approximately 2,500 made between 1938-1942.

MODEL HE: An E model with a visible hammer. Approximately 1,000 made between 1940-1942.

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